cli: Settings

PHP Configuration

The following settings files in the project codebase can be used to override default PHP settings:

  • .docksal/etc/php/php.ini - global PHP (web and cli) settings overrides
  • .docksal/etc/php/php-fpm.conf - PHP-FPM (web) overrides on top of what’s set globally

Some PHP-FPM (web) settings set by default in the cli container cannot be overridden via php.ini.

The following settings have to be overridden using the php_admin_value directive in php-fpm.conf:

  • memory_limit
  • max_execution_time
  • upload_max_filesize
  • post_max_size
  • max_input_vars

It is recommended to add PHP settings overrides in both php.ini and php-fpm.conf at the same time.

You can find example settings overrides here.

Once settings are in place, apply changes with fin project restart (fin p restart).

Using Different PHP Versions

Different PHP versions are handled via using different cli service images.

When using the default stack (a custom project stack is not defined in .docksal/docksal.yml), switching can be done via the CLI_IMAGE variable in .docksal/docksal.env, e.g.:


This can also be set with fin config set.

fin config set CLI_IMAGE='docksal/cli:2.12-php7.3'

Run fin project reset cli (fin p reset cli) to properly reset and update the cli service.

Available PHP versions: 7.3, 7.4 supported, and 7.2, 7.1, 7.0, 5.6 deprecated. Check the list of the available CLI images for the full list.

There are also “edge” versions available that contain code from ongoing updates, but may not be stable. Don’t switch to an edge image unless directed to do so by the Docksal team for testing purposes only.

See documentation for projects using a custom stack configuration.

Using Different Composer versions

Starting with v2.12.0 of docksal/cli, Composer v1 and v2 are both installed in the container. v2 is set as the default version, but while not all projects may be able to work with v2 quite yet, v1 is available by setting the COMPOSER_DEFAULT_VERSION variable to 1.

fin project reset cli

The following Composer optimization packages are no longer relevant for v2 and have been dropped in docksal/cli v2.12.0+:

To benefit from both optimizations with Composer v1, you would need to pin the image to an older version:

# Pick the required (1) PHP version from the list below
fin config set CLI_IMAGE='docksal/cli:2.11-php7.2'
fin config set CLI_IMAGE='docksal/cli:2.11-php7.3'
fin config set CLI_IMAGE='docksal/cli:2.11-php7.4'
# Reset cli to apply changes
fin project reset cli